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Neapolitan Pizza

$ 420.00

All our Jewellery is organic & handmade to order by Edan Diamonds in your choice of solid 14 karat yellow, white or rose gold. Photographed here you have our Neapolitan pizza piece. A spicy addition for your collection. 






    Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream

    $ 420.00

    Our yellow and white fourteen karat gold Madagascar vanilla ice cream piece is one of our best sellers, and for good reason! Who doesn't like Ice cream?

    Pommes Frittes

    $ 420.00

    If you have a distaste for travelling, order our rose and yellow fourteen karat gold pommes frittes & you can say you've been to France.

    Chicago Dog

    $ 420.00

    Hot Dogs built the USA. Wear our yellow & rose gold hot dog while eating a hot dog so you can thrive.

    White & rose gold Drumstick

    $ 420.00

    Inspired by institutions like Gus's world famous friend chicken, at last, our fourteen karat white & rose gold drumstick is out the fryer & ready for your pleasure.

    Kobe beef burger

    $ 420.00

    Our love for burgers can't be contained. A perfectly cooked medium rare kobe beef burger is the definition of thriving. Please, enjoy our 14 karat yellow & rose gold Kobe beef hamburger.

    Funny Bone Bracelet

    $ 2,800.00

    Cooked to order, our all gold Funny Bone bracelet is the perfect compliment to any jewellery collection. Handmade by Edan Diamonds in your choice of: 14k white, yellow, or rose gold.

    Sterling Silver Funny Bone bracelet

    $ 225.00

    Some people prefer silver more than gold. Luckily at The Heavvy Collection you have options.

    Funny Bone Rope Bracelet

    $ 600.00

    Our fourteen karat gold funny bone bracelets are a seamless & tasteful addition to anyone's wrist in your choise of white, yellow or rose gold.  A perfect compliment to any watch.

    The Bagel Lox & cream

    $ 12,500.00

    Made of forty five grams of solid fourteen karat gold, our exclusive bagel lox and cream cheese will have eyes turning & mouths wet. With a yellow gold bagel, white gold cream cheese, rose gold salmon & an array vvs diamonds it stands as a beautiful & unique piece of culinary art.

    14 karat gold Pizza earing

    $ 220.00

    Our 14 karat yellow & rose gold pizza earring is subtle & tasteful. Whether you're enjoying a dollar slice in new york or burrata on the Adriatic coast this earring proves to be the perfect accent piece...